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About Us

Trenton Cats Rescue is a non profit, all volunteer, 501(c)3 organization dedicated to pursuing humane choices for cats living in Trenton, NJ since 2011. We welcome all offers of help or funding in order to continue our vital work in protecting and improving the lives of Trenton’s cats. All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by U.S. law.

Our Mission

Trenton Cats Rescue (TCR) is a non profit, all-volunteer organization committed to helping Trenton’s community, sheltered and family cats in need. The city of Trenton, like most urban areas of our country today, suffers from many economic and social difficulties, leaving very few resources to care for those who cannot care for themselves. Trenton Cats Rescue has assumed the job of caring for the feral and adoptable cats of Trenton, the innocent victims of the harsh realities of city life.

Trenton Cats Rescue’s Goals:

  • To conduct humane, non-lethal methods of free roaming cat population management primarily in the City of Trenton;
  • Reduce the burden on Trenton Animal Shelter by caring for the adoptable cats of Trenton while in the city’s care and removing cats from the shelter system for placement into foster homes whenever possible;
  • Conduct adoption events to place shelter and foster cats into permanent homes;
  • Participate in community events to raise public awareness about how best to manage the homeless cats of Trenton and what resources are available to residents to help do this, most importantly sterilization services;
  • Provide financial assistance where possible for spay and neuter services.

Our Leadership

Karmann Yusishen

Kathy Collins

Kathy Collins has been involved in animal rescue since 2007, when she started volunteering and fostering for a local rescue. She managed volunteers, arranged adoptions and took care of cats and kittens in her home and at an adoption center. She also transported dogs to local rescues and learned about and implemented trap-neuter-return practices in her area. She developed a strong network with other rescues and rescuers in Middlesex and Mercer counties.

After leaving her job in finance in 2010, she volunteered at a spay/neuter clinic and continued TNR and adoptions of kittens and cats. She became involved with the Trenton Animal Shelter (TAS) in a minor way when she used her network to help place “urgent” cats with other rescues. When in late 2011 Trenton TNR and TAS Volunteers agreed to merge and form one official group to support the cats of Trenton, she was one of the founding directors of Trenton Cats Rescue (TCR), acting as a “bridge” for TNR and adoptable cats.

Kathy is very proud of the fact that since TCR was formed, all of the cats adopted through TAS and TCR have been spayed and neutered and the “live release rate” has increased for cats at the shelter every year.

Lisa Tusay

Mari Denko

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