General F.A.Q.

Why do I get voice mail when I call?

Trenton Cats Rescue is an all volunteer organization, most of our volunteers have full time jobs in addition to volunteering so we simply do not have the physical resources at this time to answer calls right away. While we do make every effort to return calls in a timely manner, please allow up to 72 hours for a return call or email.

If you have an emergency situation (person or animal in danger) you need to contact the Trenton Police Department (609-989-4000), Trenton Animal Control (609-989-3254) or your local police department.

If you have a pressing TNR-related concern, try Meredith Weiss or Lois McClurg of Neighborhood Cats at or 212-662-5761.

We receive over 50 emails and phone calls every day. Each of these is evaluated for priority and responded to. We depend on our volunteers and people from our communities to volunteer so that we can continue our work. If you would like to help us by volunteering, read our Volunteer sections.

How much does it cost to adopt from you?

Adoption fees are not price tags! They are income that help pay for food, surgeries, vet care, administrative supplies, and so many other things that keep our rescue running.

Our standard fees are:

  • $125 for kittens under 1 year old
  • $100 for adult cats between 1 year and 8 years old
  • “By donation” for senior cats over 8 years old
  • “By donation” for specified special needs cats
  • Waived for qualified adopters over 65 years adopting senior cats
  • Waived for qualified adopters adopting barn/working cats

We typically do not offer discounts on adoption fees but occasionally we have special adoption events that offer lowered fees. It’s a good idea to keep checking back on our website and to “friend” us on Facebook to keep up to date on our events.

I saw a specific cat on a website. How do I meet him/her?

Please complete our adoption questionnaire and include the cat’s name on the form.

Since most of our cats are housed in foster homes, after our volunteer adoption coordinators have invited you to adopt from us, we’ll request that the cat to be brought to an adoption event for the meeting. If the cat you’re interested in is especially shy, you may be invited to meet him or her in the foster family’s home.

I can't have my cats anymore, can I bring them to you?

Trenton Cats Rescue is foster-based with a very long wait list so it is unlikely that we can take your cats. If you must give them up, please visit

If you are trying to help a friendly stray cat outside, we can loan you a crate to keep that cat separate from your other animals if that is a concern, and will also help place these cats in our adoption centers when we have space available.

If you are trying to help a scared or unfriendly cat outside, we can help you set up shelter for the cat, and make sure the population doesn’t grow by getting her sterilized, and also make sure she stays healthy by immunizing her. Then she can live out her life safely and without causing any public nuisance. We can sometimes find volunteers to help with TNR if you can not do this yourself.

Still have questions? Check out our resources page.