Oh goodness, someone in the house just started sneezing! Try these things before you are tempted to return the cat. Once you’ve exhausted these and other resources, we will CERTAINLY take the cat back from you.
Did you know? Some studies have shown that up to two-thirds of people who think they have allergies, don’t. They can be spending money on expensive, yet totally unnecessary, medications, or making lifestyle changes (like giving up a treasured animal companion) and still not feel better. In some cases, inappropriate treatment may be making things worse. Visit “Is It Allergies?” to learn about allergy tests which can confirm the presence or absence of allergies.

If allergies are confirmed, switch your cat’s litter. The more sandy the litter, the more it may irritate human noses. We have learned that many times a person is allergic to the sand in the litter, not the cat. Cat jumps in the litter box, kicks litter all over (including their fur) and then sits on your chest – it may not be the CAT you are allergic to, it may be the DUST! There are plenty of litter alternatives that are better for you and your cat – cedar litter, recycled newspaper litter, wheat litter, etc.

Keep the cat and wash away the allergies:

  • Oxymed soothing cat wipes
  • Simple Solution Allergy Relief (moistened cloths)
  • Lambert Kay Shed Relief
  • Linatone Shed Relief
  • Outright Allergy Relief wipes away the elements that cause some people to have allergic reactions to cats. Just rub on the Outright and wipe off the allergens.

Try a new cat food. Quality cat food can help a cat’s coat and may lessen shedding. You can also add a small spoonful of olive oil to your cat’s wet food – we’ve heard that helps keep their coat shiny, smooth and dandruff free.

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