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Do you have pets of your own that currently live in the home?(Required)
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Are you interested in fostering to adopt a pet(Required)
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Are you interested in being a part of the Bottle Baby Squad?
Bottle Baby Squad is a group of fosters who are dedicated to making sure that no kitten who requires bottle feeding will ever spend the night at the shelter.
Are you interested in socializing fearful kittens?
NOTE: socializing fearful kittens can be a lot of fun but it’s also time-consuming (at least a couple of hours every day) and results are not guaranteed. In general, TCR does not condone socializing feral kittens over 4 months of age.
Are you interested in working with shy, scared, or traumatized adults?
NOTE: socializing these special cats can take more time and work than most fosters but they desperately need you and seeing them grow is extremely rewarding.
What basic care supplies are you able to provide if we cannot?
Have you ever fostered for a shelter or rescue group before?(Required)
Once they are available for adoption, are you willing to network your foster online to help find them a home?
NOTE: anyone interested in adopting must complete a TCR adoption questionnaire, and the match must be approved by a TCR adoption administrator/coordinator, before they can take possession of the cat(s) and/or kitten(s).
Are you willing to bring your foster to adoption events or meet and greets?(Required)

Foster Care Agreement

Please read the following statement about the Foster Care Program, and check each box that you understand and agree to abide by them.
I understand that Trenton Cats Rescue (TCR) is the sole and rightful owner of the animal(s) in foster care. All decisions regarding any and all foster pets are to be made by TCR Foster Mentors.(Required)
I understand that I do not have the authority to give, transfer, or adopt out custody of any foster animal(s) to any other person or organization; unless approved by a TCR Adoption Administrator or designated personnel.(Required)
I agree to return my foster pet(s) within 2 days of request unless other arrangements are made directly with a TCR Foster Mentor. I also agree to notify my TCR Foster Mentor with a minimum of 2 weeks notice if I need to return my foster pet(s).(Required)
I understand for the duration of temporary custody, the foster pet(s) become the responsibility of the foster parent and are subject to any and all Rules, Ordinances, and Regulations of the City, Municipality, Town, Township, Borough, Village, County and the laws of the State wherein the foster parent and foster pet(s) reside.(Required)
I agree to incorporate the foster animal(s) into my daily routine; and to give medication as directed, socialize and work through any behavioral problems.(Required)
I understand that my foster pet may not be house/litter trained, and that kittens can be messy. I understand that my foster pet may have accidents in my home. I understand that TCR is not responsible for any damages that may be caused by these accidents.(Required)
I agree to keep my TCR Foster Mentor updated on the health, behavior, and temperament of my foster pet(s) and agree to report any medical problem(s) to TCR immediately via phone and/or email (see foster guide).(Required)
I understand that I must get approval from a TCR Foster Mentor before taking any foster to a veterinarian. I understand that if I choose to take my foster pet to a veterinarian without prior authorization, it will be at my own cost, and I will not be reimbursed by TCR. I understand that if I choose to purchase any medication or supplements without prior authorization from a TCR Foster Mentor, it will be at my own cost, and I will not be reimbursed by TCR.(Required)
I understand that if any foster pet is harmed due to my negligence I will be held responsible for the veterinary bills, surgery costs, and/or medications.(Required)
I agree to supervise any and all interactions that occur between my foster pet(s) and my personal pets, as well as any and all interactions that occur between my foster pet and any children, regardless or not if the child(ren) reside in my residence.(Required)
There is some risk associated with bringing a foster pet into your home, and I understand that TCR can not be responsible for the medical treatment of my personal pets if they are to get sick. I understand that TCR recommends that foster pet(s) be kept separate from my current pets for a minimum of 3 weeks.(Required)
I agree to feed my foster pet(s) separately from any other pets living in the residence.(Required)
I acknowledge that TCR or any volunteers of TCR have not made any warranties regarding the future conditions, temperament, or conduct of my foster pet(s). I agree and understand that any animal can be unpredictable and that TCR cannot anticipate or insure against unexpected conduct of an animal in foster care.(Required)
I agree to hold Trenton Cats Rescue harmless from any direct or consequential damages arising out of this foster care agreement. I hereby accept this animal and assume all the risks and responsibility associated with this animal; including bites, and fully and completely release, indemnify and hold harmless, TCR, its owners, directors, volunteers, and agents from any claim, cause or action or liability of any sort or nature, whether, known or unknown, directly or indirectly arising out of or in connection with this animal.(Required)
By submitting this form, I certify that I have read and agree to all the above terms and conditions.(Required)

Thank You!

A volunteer will review your form and contact you if your information matches our foster needs. Thank you so much for your time and interest in fostering to save a pet’s life!
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