Microchip Registration

Petfinder.com and HomeAgain are offering Trenton Cats Rescue adopters a discounted microchip registration fee of $10.99. This includes lifetime microchip registration and the ability to update contact information at no cost, plus a one-year HomeAgain membership for the adopter which includes additional benefits to keep pets safe.
Note: Signing up for HomeAgain membership auto-renewal is not required.

To enroll by phone, call HomeAgain toll-free at 1-866-802-5650 and give the representative our Petfinder Shelter ID (NJ736). The HomeAgain rep will then ask for your contact and billing information to register the chip. Or you can enroll online at https://www.homeagain.com/chipfurkeeps/login.jsp

  • Enter NJ736 for Petfinder Shelter Login ID, then click the LOGIN button
  • Click on the FOR PET PARENTS menu option
  • Click on the ENROLL IN HOMEAGAIN! Button
  • Complete the enrollment form, then click the Continue button
  • Review the information you entered, click the check box to agree to their Terms of Use, then click the Continue to Checkout button
  • Enter your Billing Information, click the appropriate check boxes, then click the SUBMIT YOUR ORDER button

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the $10.99 microchip registration fee an annual fee?
A: No. Through the Chip FurKeeps program, HomeAgain microchip enrollment (which is regularly priced at $17.99) is only $10.99. HomeAgain microchip enrollment includes lifetime microchip registration as well as a one-year membership in the HomeAgain Pet Recovery Service. Adopters have the option of renewing the extra services provided by HomeAgain Pet Recovery Service for $19.99 per year. Even if you choose not to renew, the microchip will remain registered to you for life and your contact information can be updated online at any time for free.

Q: Can’t you include the registration fee in the adoption fee? 
A: No. The HomeAgain chip registration fee needs to be on the adopter’s credit card. We recommend the adopter call the dedicated, toll-free enrollment number at 1-866-802-5650 or go online at the time of adoption to register the microchip before the adopter leaves with their new pet. Studies have shown that less than 50% of microchips are ever registered by pet parents, so completing the enrollment before the adoption is finalized will ensure your new pet’s chip is registered.

Q: Will my credit card be automatically charged for HomeAgain membership renewals? 
A: When you register, you have the option of signing up for HomeAgain membership auto-renewals, but it is not required.

Q: How can I update my personal information on the chips?
A: Once you are a HomeAgain member, you may update your contact information at any time online by logging into HomeAgain.com at no charge, whether or not you renew your annual membership.

Q: Can other brands of microchips be registered in the HomeAgain National Pet Recovery Database?
A: Yes. Parents of pets implanted with any brand of microchip can register their pets’ microchip IDs with HomeAgain to become members and receive all the same benefits as HomeAgain members with HomeAgain microchips. You will need to pay the annual membership fee to maintain your exclusive member benefits. Once registered, your pets’ microchip IDs will remain in our database for life, regardless of membership status, and you may update your contact information online anytime free of charge by logging into HomeAgain.com.

Q: What are the extra benefits of the annual HomeAgain membership? 
A: The annual HomeAgain membership offers extra services for pets, such as 24/7 access to trained lost pet counselors, Travel Assistance for Found Pets, free anytime access to a Pet Medical Emergency Hotline (staffed with licensed veterinarians), etc. Also, HomeAgain has a proactive network of veterinarians, shelters, and volunteer PetRescuers who are immediately notified through Lost Pet Alerts to help locate lost pets. The first year of membership is included with the initial microchip registration. Additional annual membership benefits can be maintained for $19.99 per year.